If you have been following the market at all, you know that we have a shortage of homes for sale, and an abundance of buyers. So it should be EASY to sell your home, right?

Yes, it is a seller’s market, but there are definitely strategies you can employ to not only sell your home fast but sell it with the utmost ease and for the best price. 

Price your home correctly

The very first thing you should do is hire a Real Estate Agent. Your Realtor will guide you through this rapidly changing market in order to determine what is reasonable to expect from your local market. They will use the most recent hard data to help you find that price point that is not only competitive and designed to get you top dollar but also positioned to generate interest and showings. We are seeing multiple offers quite regularly, which generally lead to a higher sale price plus other perks you may not even be aware of. Your Realtor will help you find that sweet spot, without going too high and scaring off potential buyers.

Get Ready! Generally speaking, less is more, and brighter is better.

Declutter your home

You have likely heard that you should do that, but to what extent?  Think minimalist. Get rid of a good portion of your furniture and most of your artwork and knick-knacks. For example, there should be more empty space than there are items on a bookshelf. Kitchen counters should be bare other than a decorative item or two. Closets emptied out of half the clothes so they look more spacious. Your Realtor or Photographer will provide you with a more specific list and help with staging suggestions. Also, you will want to consult your Realtor before doing any costly repairs/renovations to make sure you aren’t spending money needlessly…ask the experts first!

Clean, repair, and paint

If you have darker walls, lighten them up with white or light neutral paint colors. A fresh coat of bright white paint will do wonders for trim. Clean, clean….the condition of your house gives buyers a glimpse into the way you have cared for your home, so put your best foot forward. Check for peeling exterior paint or wood rot and have those items addressed. Give the exterior appearance some love to increase curb appeal. Wash windows, paint your front door a bright color, spruce up the shrubs and plans, fresh mulch, and some potted flowers on the porch will help you make a great first impression. 

Make your home stand out online

Potential buyers are becoming very versed in online home shopping. If fact, buyers have access to such a plethora of information, that they are often prepared to make an offer before ever even walking in the door. Those are the buyers you want, so this is where you need to shine! 

Use a professional photographer

This is not a place to cut costs. Professional photographers will show your home in a fashion that not only highlights all the best parts of your home, but the photos themselves will be properly framed, lit, and will just look better. If your budget allows, a video tour is a big plus as well. Some photographers will also incorporate drone shots and video. Your realtor will be able to help you find a photographer/videographer that fits what you are looking for to see examples of video ahead of time to make sure you like the way it is done 

Getting to the finish line.

Selling may seem like a complex and intimidating process, but you can count on your Realtor to help you navigate your way through it. They will make sure you meet deadlines, protect you from paperwork errors and legal liabilities, and make sure you reach the closing table smoothly. Research shows that independent sellers generally make less money and take much longer to finish the process….this is where an experienced agent makes a huge difference!

Any of the full-time, experienced professional Realtors at Kramer Homes Group would be more than happy to assist you if you are ready to get started, just give us a call!

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