Andrew Kramer


Andrew Kramer

Andrew is what you would call a true Johnson County native! Living in the area for nearly 25 years, Andrew has seen the Kansas City area grow and flourish right before his eyes. He got his Real Estate career off to an early start by acquiring his license during his junior year of college, while attending the University of Kansas.

Andrew started out working part-time as Kramer Homes Group’s Marketing Coordinator as he finished school and learned all the ins and outs of the business

Andrew now works full time as both a Selling Agent and Team Administrator, which has allowed him to work on over 125 transactions in just 3 short years. With his passion for helping people always coming first, Andrew couldn’t think of a more rewarding experience than helping clients, friends, and family find a house to call home!

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Very Supportive and Attentive!

“Teri and Andrew are absolutely amazing at what they do! They are very alert, attentive, knowledgable, and always available! They make the home buying process as easy and fun as possible. For me, my fiance and I were searching for our first home, in the middle of coronavirus, starting jobs after graduation, and planning a wedding, and they made it go so smoothly! They make sure that you are going to get the best possible service, house, and experience out of it. They made house buying and all of the crazy house language that goes with it, very understandable. Overall, I would recommend Kramer Homes Group to ANYONE! If you want a supportive group, who gets things done efficiently, and has fun doing it, don’t waste a second searching for any other realtor!”
Kaylie O.
Kansas City, MO